The ultimate profitability and operability of any EDGI project is, to a large extent, dependant on the thoroughness and the quality of the project support program. EDGI’s project team varies in departments from specialized engineers to documentation staff. Our support staff works closely with the engineers, project managers and the customer to ensure that all needed materials and equipment meet design specifications and quality requirements. EDGI is committed to quality team performance by each support staff or team member.

Our project support staff has numerous responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Preparing proposals
  • Ordering site equipment
  • Preparing manuals
  • Running safety training sessions on site
  • Preparing bid packages
  • Creating and modifying AutoCAD drawings
  • Testing and retesting site equipment
  • Performing Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) inspections
  • Communicating continuously with the customer

Once a plant is commissioned, on-stream, and the project completed, the wisdom of the investment often rests as much with those who will operate and maintain it as with those who designed it.

EDGI maintains a full-time staff devoted to producing accurate, comprehensive, user-friendly documentation for each of its projects. Documentation is geared toward its intended reader. Graphics and photographs are included where appropriate to enhance the final product. Our project support staff is an integral component of our total project team. Our goal is to produce the most safe, profitable and operable project.